Amazon India started it’s online store

Ama­zon India store Jun​glee​.com is live and is in Beta. You can login using Ama​zon​.com cre­den­tials. The prod­ucts on jun​glee​.com are just list­ing that shows the stores in india which are sell­ing the product., Amazon india

Cur­rent­ly jun​glee​.com is list­ing more than 1.2 crore prod­ucts from 14,000+ brands and hun­dreds of retail­ers. Ama­zon lists includes Homeshop18, Uni­ver­Cell, Bata India Lim­it­ed, Microsoft India Store, Reebok, and Ama​zon​.com etc.., User can’t buy the prod­uct direct­ly from the jun​glee​.com but they will be redi­rect­ed to prod­uct sell­er’s website. 

Source: BGR