Tweak2 is a website that presents informational articles, tips, tutorials and resources. Tweak2 is also focuses on providing coding tips and scripts which are small but useful in development of web and standalone applications.

Tweak2 was started in May 2008 by freelancer Java, PHP developer Gouri Shankar mainly focused on new technology and sharing tips and tutorials. The Tweak2 known as Tech Community. In October 2010 it is redesigned to present the articles in better way by porting the portal system of Tech Community into blog and integrating the community into it.Tweak2 is redesigned in March 2012 with new improved responsive design to fecilitate mobile and tablet viewers.

Some of the Tweak2 articles also contributed by Network administrator Prasad shared valuable information about the technology and tips. He is contributing in growth of Tweak2 since beginning.