Windows 8.1 unveiled, coming with new features, tweaks, start menu button, internet explorer 11

Microsoft unveiled Win­dows 8.1, for­mer­ly Win­dows Blue. It is com­ing with lots of new fea­tures, improve­ments, tweaks every aspect of the oper­at­ing sys­tem like lock screen, start menu, win­dows store etc.;

Start Screen With Wall Paper

Microsoft says the update will be avail­able to all Win­dows 8 devices before the end of the year. It is free to win­dows 8 users. Win­dows 8.1 main­ly focus­es on mak­ing user inter­face more friend­ly, adding new abil­i­ties.


  • Win­dows Per­son­al­iza­tion of start screen now have the fea­tures to add per­son­al wall paper.
  • Win­dows 8.1 offers more col­ors and back­grounds for the Start screen includ­ing ones with motion.
  • Win­dows lock screen can have per­son­al pic­tures from local dri­ve or sky dri­ve or pic­ture can be set by cap­tur­ing one from the web­cam.
  • Desk­top back­ground can also showed as start screen back­ground.
  • Start Screen in Win­dows 8.1 fea­tures a vari­ety of tile sizes includ­ing a new large (dou­ble the size of the largest tile size in Win­dows 8) and new small tile (half the size of the small­est tile size in Win­dows 8).
  • assign­ing the name to the groups and rear­rang­ing tiles is eas­i­er in win­dows 8.1. mul­ti­ple selec­tion of apps all at once, resize, unin­stall or rearrange can be done eas­i­ly.
  • Apps can be fil­tered by name, date installed, most used, or by cat­e­go­ry.
  • When an app is installed from the Win­dows Store, It no longer comes to start screen. Instead, these apps will be avail­able under apps view as men­tioned above and marked as “new” where these can be pinned to start screen.


  • The Search will pro­vide glob­al search results(powered by Bing).
  • It is the mod­ern ver­sion of the com­mand line!
  • Quick actions include things user can play a song or video right from the results.
  • Results from local files, apps, and set­tings are eas­i­ly accessed in the same con­ve­nient view by scrolling to the left.

Apps and Windows Store

  • All built-in apps are get­ting over­hauled.
  • The Pho­tos app get­ting some new edit­ing fea­tures that lets user quick­ly edit or adjust pho­tos when user opens them in the Pho­tos app or open them from oth­er places like the Mail, Sky­Drive, and Cam­era apps.
  • Music app has been com­plete­ly redesigned to help pick and play music from col­lec­tion.
  • Some brand new apps will be intro­duced in the future.
  • Win­dows 8.1 fea­tures vari­able, con­tin­u­ous size of snap views.
  • User can have mul­ti­ple apps on the screen at the same time.
  • User can resize apps to any size, share the screen between two apps, or have up to three apps on each screen if you have mul­ti­ple dis­plays con­nect­ed.
  • User can have dif­fer­ent Win­dows Store apps run­ning on all the dis­plays at the same time and the Start Screen can stay open on one mon­i­tor.
  • Also Users can have mul­ti­ple win­dows of the same app snapped togeth­er – such as two Inter­net Explor­er win­dows.
  • The improved Win­dows Store in Win­dows 8.1 is designed to have the app list­ing more descrip­tive and infor­ma­tive and shows relat­ed apps.
  • App updates install auto­mat­i­cal­ly in the back­ground as well as they come through the Store.
  • And search is avail­able in the upper right hand cor­ner for find­ing the apps you want.

Cloud Connectivity

Sky Drive

  • In Win­dows 8.1, files can be saved direct­ly to Sky­Drive.
  • Sky­Drive app gives you access to files are acces­si­ble even when offline.
  • When a user log on to Win­dows 8.1 device with Microsoft account (Out​look​.com by default), Auto­mat­i­cal­ly all the per­son­al­iza­tion takes place with his set­tings and apps, mak­ing switch­ing or set­ting up a new device real­ly easy.

PC Settings

  • PC Set­tings in Win­dows 8.1 gives access to all set­tings on the device with­out hav­ing to go to the Con­trol Pan­el on the desk­top.

Internet Explorer

  • Win­dows 8.1, get­ting Inter­net Explor­er 11. IE11 is the only brows­er that is built for touch.
  • IE11 will offer even bet­ter touch per­for­mance, faster page load times and sev­er­al new fea­tures.
  • User can have as many open tabs as he wants. And access the tabs sync across oth­er Win­dows 8.1 devices.

Better Mouse and Keyboard Options

  • Win­dows 8.1 also focus­es on num­ber of improve­ments to ensure eas­i­er nav­i­ga­tion for peo­ple using a mouse and key­board.
  • User can set options to change when the mouse moved to the cor­ners.
  • There is anoth­er option to to boot into alter­nate screens like desk­top instead of start screen.

It looks like Win­dows 8.1 is lot of refine­ment to the win­dows 8.

source: Blog­ging Win­dows