Asus P6T Deluxe: Asus showed the first board with X58 chipset

ASUSThe high-end P6T Deluxe is shown by Asus that it will be the first X58 motherboard in the market. It is confirmed by asus to announce X58 motherboard with SLI support very soon, not P6T Deluxe, ROG motherboard perhaps.

This Monster P6T Deluxe comes with 1366 Socket, 16 phase power with 2 phases allocated only for memory controller in CPU, two groups of triple channal DDR3 slots counting for 6 memory slots. It also features three PCIe X16 slot supporting 3-way Crossfire. But without a nF200 chip, it won?t support SLI yet. Also board comes with two SAS (SCSI successor with SATA technology) as well as one IDE, one eSATA, Gigabits Ethernet Lan and 7.1-ch audio and exclusive OC options in BIOS.

Asus P6T Deluxe