How to get new Google bar

You are interested in getting new Google bar. Here is a tweak which works with chrome, Firefox, safari and Internet Explorer 8+.

  • Copy the following code.
document.cookie="PREF=ID=03fd476a699d6487:U=88e8716486ff1e5d:FF=0:LD=en:CR=2:TM=1322688084:LM=1322688085:S=McEsyvcXKMiVfGds; path=/;";window.location.reload();
  • Open the new tab your browser
  • You have to run the code in ,

Google Chrome –> press Ctrl+Shift+J to open java script console ,

Firefox –> press Ctrl+Shift+K to open web console,

Safari –> open Web Inspector (read How to open web Inspector),

Internet Explorer 8+ –> open IE’s Developer Tools by pressing F12 and select the “console” tab.

  • paste the code and press enter to run it.
  • Refresh the page

Source:  Thanks to Colby Brown