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Intel Edison: a 22nm Dual-core SD card size PC Announced

Intel announced Edis­on, a mini­ature com­puter based on the Quark SoC tech­no­logy housed on the form factor of an SD card. Intel Edis­on built on 22nm tran­sist­or tech­no­logy, runs Linux and has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth mod­ules. The Edis­on can con­nect to its own app store. Nat­ur­ally, the device is aimed at developers.


Intel Edis­on is based on 22nm Intel Quark tech­no­logy for ultra-small and low power-sens­it­ive, Inter­net of things edge devices, smart con­sumer products and wear­able com­put­ing. The product fea­tures an Intel pro­cessor and micro­con­trol­ler core. The pro­gram­mable micro­con­trol­ler helps man­age I/​Os and oth­er baseline func­tions, while the x86 com­pat­ible pro­cessor core brings Linux sup­port and enables mul­tiple oper­at­ing sys­tems to run soph­ist­ic­ated high-level user applic­a­tions. The small com­pute pack­age brings con­nectiv­ity with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE*, and has LPDDR2* and NAND flash stor­age as well as a wide array of flex­ible and expand­able I/O capabilities.

Intel Edison Chip

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