Intel Edison: a 22nm Dual-core SD card size PC Announced

Intel announced Edison, a miniature computer based on the Quark SoC technology housed on the form factor of an SD card. Intel Edison built on 22nm transistor technology, runs Linux and has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules. The Edison can connect to its own app store. Naturally, the device is aimed at developers.


Intel Edison is based on 22nm Intel Quark technology for ultra-small and low power-sensitive, Internet of things edge devices, smart consumer products and wearable computing. The product features an Intel processor and microcontroller core. The programmable microcontroller helps manage I/Os and other baseline functions, while the x86 compatible processor core brings Linux support and enables multiple operating systems to run sophisticated high-level user applications. The small compute package brings connectivity with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE*, and has LPDDR2* and NAND flash storage as well as a wide array of flexible and expandable I/O capabilities.

Intel Edison Chip