Mushkin Announced EP series SSDs with SF-2000 controllers

Mushkin, Inc., (www​.mushkin​.com), a glob­al leader in high-per­for­mance and mis­sion crit­i­cal com­put­er prod­ucts, With intro­duc­tion of Sand­Force SF-2000, Mushkin build­ing the EP series SSDs with the SF-2000 con­trollers. These SSDs are aimd for Enter­prise solu­tions. The Mushkin SSDs pow­ered by SF-2500 and SF-2600 controllers.

Mushkin EP Series SSDs will pro­vide sig­nif­i­cant per­for­mance enhance­ments like

-Up to 500MB/​s read/​write sequen­tial trans­fer rate

-Up to 60,000 sus­tained ran­dom read/​write IOPS

-Advanced ECC with up to 55 bits cor­rectable per 512-byte sec­tor (BCH)

-Power/​performance throt­tling for improved ener­gy effi­cien­cy and conservation

This new series of SSDs con­tin­ues Mushk­in’s tra­di­tion of high-per­for­mance, high-reli­a­bil­i­ty flash stor­age prod­ucts. This is an area in which we have made great strides and we’re very excit­ed to intro­duce our tech­nol­o­gy exclu­sive to the busi­ness sec­tor. We feel very con­fi­dent stak­ing our name with these SSDs for busi­ness crit­i­cal appli­ca­tions” Bri­an Flood, Mushkin direc­tor of prod­uct development.

Addi­tion­al reli­a­bil­i­ty and main­te­nance fea­tures include Sand­force’s DuraWrite™, RAISE™ (Redun­dant Array of Inde­pen­dent Sil­i­con Ele­ments), Recy­cler (Garbage Col­lec­tion), Intel­li­gent Wear Lev­el­ing, and Read Dis­turb tech­nolo­gies. Sam­pling is expect­ed to begin 4Q10 with wide­spread prod­uct avail­abil­i­ty 1Q11.