Technology, It become an essential part in our day to day life. Can you imagine how it will be without using computer for a day or computer without internet or even can you live without using a cellphone. No you don’t want to be imagine right, So that is the impact of technology in our lives.

As you can see we know about technology. But is it sufficient? We have to upgrade our knowledge. Otherwise someone will overtakes you and gets good opportunity which you have to get. Some times you can say that i have the experience in a technology so no one can cross you or can you say that what ever you learned is the end of the technology no more to learn. No daily so much new technology is coming out. you have to learn to compete with the others and share the knowledge to improve it.

“Knowledge is Ocean”

To know the ocean, We have to start to know with the drop. This community is started to share the knowledge with each other. You can share and seek views, reviews on latest technology. Hardware, software , mobile, programming languages, tutorials
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