Aashritha -Helping Hands Community is a non profit organization which is started by a group of friends from different under – graduate and graduate schools joined and formed a team to work towards improvement of child education in rural areas of India. We wanted to provide education to children who didn’t get the care from their parents.

We at Aashritha define our motive as:

To provide financial and moral support to under-priviledged and physically challenged children for thier education and thereby improve the average education level in rural India with main focus on child education.

Aashritha? group is dedicated to improve child education in rural areas in India. We providing the basic education for needy children upto secondary secondary level (10th class).

How do we Proceed?

We adopt kids (after thorough selection process) between 7 to 10 years in age, from a select villages or cities and set up a plan for each one of them. The main purpose is to arrange every basic needs to educate them till the 10th grade (or more, depending on their success). The kids will be provided with all the facilities necessary for their education. We rent a house (or a place in or around the home village) and hire a respective care-taker, who provides food and basic help & care required for each group of children. The children are admitted to a nereby Goverment approved school. A tuition teacher is arranged to help the kids to do their homework and clear their doubts.

For monitoring and controlling reasons, the village or town of education is always in or around the area of one of our committed members.

Aashritha will keep the account transaction details available for all. You can check the account details on site and you can donate if you wish to give a hand in this process.

Here is the link to Aashritha