AMD Delivers the World’s First 1 GHz GPU With Radeon HD 4890 Air Cooled


Nine years after launch­ing the world’s first 1 GHz CPU, AMD is again first to break the giga­hertz bar­ri­er with the fac­to­ry over­clocked, air-cooled ATI Radeon HD 4890 GPU

AMD announced the world’s first 1GHz graph­ics proces­sor (with­out third-par­ty / over­clock­ing) with the ATI Radeon HD 4890 GPU with air cool­ing. When HD 4890 is released it is the 850MHz clock ver­sion. Pow­er col­or released 950MHz core clock speed ver­sion. What ever we are see­ing the 1GHz ver­sions are over­clocked veri­ons of Stan­dard 850MHz core clock speed.

AMD Radeon 4890

The ATI Radeon HD 4890, boasts a whop­ping 1.36 Ter­aFLOPs of com­pute pow­er, supe­ri­or GDDR5 mem­o­ry. The ATI Radeon HD 4890 comes with Direc­tX 10.1 support.

As per Press Release

  • With this prod­uct, AMD achieves a notable engi­neer­ing mile­stone as the first graph­ics com­pa­ny to break the 1 GHz barrier.
  • The new ATI Radeon HD 4890 uti­lizes advanced GDDR5 mem­o­ry and a 1 GHz clock speed to deliv­er 1.6 Ter­aFLOPs of com­pute pow­er, 50 per­cent more than that of the com­pe­ti­tion best sin­gle-GPU solution2. With this lev­el of raw com­pute pow­er, the1 GHz ATI Radeon HD 4890 is set to deliv­er new lev­els of gen­er­al pur­pose GPU-accel­er­at­ed per­for­mance in ATI Stream appli­ca­tions such as video transcod­ing and post processing.
  • This new ver­sion of the ATI Radeon HD 4890 marks the lat­est addi­tion to the award-win­ning ATI Radeon HD 4000 series deliv­ered by AMD tech­nol­o­gy part­ners Sap­phire, XFX, Asus and TUL.
  • The advanced design of the ATI Radeon HD 4890 deliv­ers an amaz­ing gam­ing expe­ri­ence in the lat­est games, includ­ing ground-break­ing Direc­tX 10.1 titles such as Ubisoft Tom Clan­cy’s H.A.W.X., Elec­tron­ic Arts Bat­tle­Forge and SEGA’s Storm­rise released last month, as well as GSC Game­world’s S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Clear Sky. When com­pared to Direc­tX 10 game play, Direc­tX 10.1 games have proven to deliv­er high­er game per­for­mance and an improved visu­al expe­ri­ence. In addi­tion, these cards fea­ture sup­port for open stan­dards like OpenGL3 with Direc­tX 10-like hard­ware exten­sions, and the recent­ly rat­i­fied Open­CL specification.
  • The ATI Radeon HD 4890 sup­ports advanced game physics. At the 2009 Game Devel­op­ers Con­fer­ence in San Fran­cis­co, Havok and AMD demon­strat­ed the first imple­men­ta­tion of Open­CL run­ning on AMD graph­ics proces­sors. In the demon­stra­tion, Havoks physics tech­nol­o­gy deliv­ered com­plex and real­is­tic sim­u­la­tions of real-world mate­ri­als like cloth, demon­strat­ing the poten­tial for increased real­ism in forth­com­ing games.
  • To date, the ATI Radeon HD 4890 card has won numer­ous awards, includ­ing the pres­ti­gious Edi­tor Choice Gold Award from HardOCP, the HotHard­ware Rec­om­mend­ed Award and the Edi­tor Choice Award from Tweak­town, among oth­ers. The acco­lades speak to the excite­ment around the prod­uct and to the con­tin­ued strength of the dis­crete graph­ics mar­ket over­all, some­thing ana­lyst Dr. Jon Ped­die of Jon Ped­die Research pre­dicts will con­tin­ue to play a strong role in the com­put­ing industry.
  • As a result of the world­wide acco­lades from media, devel­op­ers, enthu­si­asts and fans, AMD released an inside look at how the card was made and what it means for gamers. The card marks a new aspect to the AMD Drag­on desk­top plat­form tech­nol­o­gy, pro­vid­ing an even more pow­er­ful sin­gle GPU desk­top graph­ics option to OEMs, chan­nel part­ners, and do-it-your­self (DIY) consumers.

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