Gmail, Docs, Calendar, and Talk out of beta

Gmail Out of Beta

Gmail, When first released in 2004, like oth­er soft­wares it came with the Beta tag. But it holds the Beta tag five years after launch.? Final­ly the Google thought to remove its well know beta tag for Google apps means not only gmail beta tag but also removed for Google Docs, cal­en­dar and Talk. Still the beta tag is avail­able as google labs fea­ture, if you want to see the beta tag fur­ther more.

Gmail back in Beta

As told by gmail offi­cial blog

over the last five years, a beta cul­ture has grown around web apps, such that the very mean­ing of “beta” is debat­able. And rather than the pack­aged, stag­nant soft­ware of decades past, we’re mov­ing to a world of rapid devel­op­men­tal cycles where prod­ucts like Gmail con­tin­ue to change indefinitely.

The end result (many vis­i­ble and invis­i­ble changes lat­er) is that today, beta is a thing of the past. Not just for Gmail, but for all of Google Apps — Gmail, Cal­en­dar, Docs, and Talk.

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