Nvidia Tegra 4 is Announced

Nvidia unveiled its next-gen mobile processor Tegra 4 codenamed Wayne at CES 2013. It has many improvements, including it features ARM’s Cortex A15 architecture, consists of 72 GPU cores which is six times more than the 12 cores in Tegra 3.

The new chip is designed same as Tegra 3’s 4-plus-1 design which means a smaller 5th core helps regulate the power among the four more powerful cores.

nvidia Tegra 4

The SoC is also based on the 28nm fabrication process that should greatly help in improving battery life consumes up to 40 percent lesser battery than Tegra 3. Nvidia claims Tegra 4 provides faster web page load times, up to 2.6 times faster.

Tegra 4′s fifth low power core consumes even lesser battery when compared to the one on Tegra 3. Tegra 4 is also the first mobile chipset to support 4K video.

Nvidia Tegra 4 GPU

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