NVidia Tegra
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Nvidia Tegra 4 is Announced

Nvidia unveiled its next-gen mobile pro­cessor Tegra 4 code­named Wayne at CES 2013. It has many improve­ments, includ­ing it fea­tures ARM’s Cor­tex A15 archi­tec­ture, con­sists of 72 GPU cores which is six times more than the 12 cores in Tegra 3.


NVIDIA Replaces Entry level Graphics

NVIDIA just announced their new­est Graph­ics card the NVIDIA GeForce 310 an entry level graph­ics pro­cessor that replaces the users stand­ard integ­rated graph­ics card. The GeForce 310 can be used as a low-end graph­ics solu­tion, to enhance photo and video edit­ing, watch HD movies, play main­stream 3D games, and a com­plete Win­dows 7 support.