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Samsung Galaxy S5 is announced: a 5.1‑inch full HD display, 16 MP camera, LTE, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, fingerprint scanner, heart rate monitor

Sam­sung announced Sam­sung Galaxy S5 today at MWC 2014. The S5 sports 5.1‑inch full HD (1080p) AMOLED dis­play, powered by 2.5GHz quad-core pro­cessor or an 8‑core Exynos pro­cessor depend­ing on the region and paired with 2GB of RAM.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Sam­sung Galaxy S5 powered by a quad-core 2.5GHz pro­cessor, 2GB of RAM, a 2800mAh bat­tery and either 16GB or 32GB of intern­al stor­age with a microSD card slot for expand­ab­il­ity up to 64GB of extra space. Sam­sung claims the Galaxy S5 offers “the most advanced LTE exper­i­ence and Wi-Fi per­form­ance” of any smart­phone on the mar­ket, with Wi-Fi 802.11ac and 2X2 MiMo, as well as LTE with Cat­egory 4. Galaxy S5 is also IP67-cer­ti­fied, which adds an ele­ment of water and dust res­ist­ance, the micro-USB 3.0 port at the bot­tom is pro­tec­ted by a tab that keeps water from get­ting inside. The Galaxy S5 runs Android ver­sion 4.4 (KitKat).

The S5 sports 16 mega­pixel cam­era, the time spent between shots has been reduced to 0.3 second and the hand­set now sup­ports 4K video record­ing and high dynam­ic range (HDR) pro­cessing (both pho­tos and video) and a 2.1‑megapixel front shoot­er. Sam­sung is intro­du­cing a select­ive focus fea­ture that’s much like Noki­a’s Refo­cus Lens, in which you can change the depth of field on an image after it’s taken.

One of the biggest talk­ing points for the Galaxy S5 is that new fin­ger­print scan­ner. Sam­sun­g’s scan­ner, which works by swip­ing your fin­ger down over the home but­ton, has a few handy use cases. In addi­tion to the usu­al phone unlock option, it also lets you fin­ger­print-pro­tect a private data lock­er on your phone, in case you have con­fid­en­tial inform­a­tion you don’t want get­ting out there. Sam­sung also announced a part­ner­ship with PayP­al which allows you to make online pay­ments using the fin­ger­print method.

The oth­er new fea­ture is the heart rate sensor, which is built into the same rear mod­ule as the LED flash. It works in con­junc­tion with S‑Health 3.0, which acts as a per­son­al life coach of sorts. To mon­it­or your pulse, hold your fin­ger up to the sensor and leave it there while the phone does the rest of the work. As you con­tin­ue to do this more often, S‑Health remem­bers your his­tory and even goes through the effort of graph­ing it and offer­ing up oth­er rel­ev­ant information.

The S5 new “ultra power-sav­ing mode” will keep your hand­set alive by mak­ing the screen black and white and turn­ing off all the non-essen­tial ser­vices on your phone. Sam­sung claims if you put your phone in standby mode with only 10% of the bat­tery left, it will still last “up to 24 hours” before run­ning out of power.

The Galaxy S5 will be avail­able start­ing April 11th in 150 countries.

Source: sam­sung­mobile­press

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