Soluto is the Utility to Speed Up System Boot

Soluto com­ing with tag-​line Anti Frus­tra­tion Soft­ware is the tool tar­geted at reduc­tion of PC slow­ness. It checks the soft­wares are load­ing at the time of boot, time to load and gets you the infor­ma­tion about them from PC Gnome, a knowl­edge base for Soluto to give you the option to delay or pause it to increase the speed of the system.

Soluto uses inno­v­a­tive low-​level Win­dows ker­nel tech­nolo­gies to iden­tify what PC doing. Soluto is able to pin­point and ana­lyze what resource obsta­cles stood in the way of the user’s desired actions. These can be I/​O issues, net­work issues, resource lock­ing, and so on.

Soluto gives you the total boot time and the num­ber of appli­ca­tions loaded at the boot time in bars for each boot

Applications loaded at boot time

It also pro­vides the his­tory of the boots to compare


Check the video to see how it works

Source: Soluto

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