Fedora 21
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Remove Old Kernels on Fedora

A quick tip to remove old ker­nels from fedora and also lim­it how many ker­nels you want to keep. The main reas­on to remove ker­nels is Disk Space.


Fedora 10 Released

Fedora Pro­ject, today announced the release of Fedora 10 integ­rated the latest free and open source soft­ware. Fedora 10 fea­tures? Ply­mouth, the new graph­ic­al boot sys­tem speeds up the boot pro­cess by util­iz­ing the fea­tures in new ker­nel. Fedora 10 also comes with enhanced secur­ity tool called Sec­Tool. Fedora 10 includes the Open​Of​fice​.org 3.0 and GNOME 2.24.1, a rewrit­ten audio…

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