What’s New in Firefox 16.0

Mozil­la pushed the Fire­fox 16.0 into release chan­nel today. Fire­fox on Mac OS X now has pre­lim­i­nary VoiceOver sup­port turned on by default and ini­tial web app sup­port for Win­dows, Mac and Lin­ux plat­forms. You can read more about web app sup­port here.

Mozilla Firefox 16.0

New Devel­op­er Tool­bar with but­tons for quick access to tools, error count for the Web Con­sole, and a new com­mand line for quick key­board access, Mozil­la also improved the JavaScript respon­sive­ness through incre­men­tal garbage col­lec­tion. Per tab report­ing mem­o­ry is avail­able in about:memory

Firefox 16 About:Memory page

Mozil­la removed the pre­fix­es for sta­ble CSS3 Ani­ma­tions, Tran­si­tions, Trans­forms and Gra­di­ents in Fire­fox 16.0.

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