MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition: Best Free Partion Manager for Windows

Mini­Tool Par­ti­tion Wiz­ard Home Edi­tion is free disk par­ti­tion man­age­ment tool sup­ports both 32 bit and 64 bit Win­dows Oper­at­ing Sys­tems. Par­ti­tion Wiz­ard Home Edi­tion is a free­ware that can sim­pli­fy and enhance Win­dow’s capa­bil­i­ties.

It’s main Func­tions include

  • Basic Par­ti­tion­ing: Cre­ate Par­ti­tion, For­mat Par­ti­tion and more.
  • Advanced Par­ti­tion­ing: Con­vert Par­ti­tion, Explore Par­ti­tion, Resize/​Move Par­ti­tion.
  • Copy Fea­tures: Par­ti­tion Copy Wiz­ard, Disk Copy Wiz­ard
  • Par­ti­tion Recov­ery: Restore Par­ti­tion after acci­den­tal dele­tion
  • Tests: Disk Sur­face Test, Par­ti­tion Sur­face Test.
  • Sup­ports RAID
  • Sup­port disk and par­ti­tion size larg­er than 2 TB.
  • Rebuild MBR.
  • Sup­ports Change Par­ti­tion Ser­i­al Num­ber, Change Par­ti­tion Type ID.
  • Sup­ports Win­dows 2000 Pro­fes­sion­al, Win­dows XP 32 bit, Win­dows Vista 32 bit, Win­dows 7 32 bit
  • Sup­ports Win­dows XP 64 bit, Win­dows Vista 64 bit, Win­dows 7 64 bit
  • Sup­port Lin­ux Ext2, Ext3 file sys­tem
  • Hot extend­ing NTFS Par­ti­tion with­out reboot

The Par­ti­tion Wiz­ard also can be run from CD which is avail­able free on Par­ti­tion Wiz­ard site. get it free here

Down­load Par­ti­tion Wiz­ard Home Edi­tion