Opera 10.60 came with WebM support


Opera Soft­ware released final ver­sion of Opera browser 10.60 for Win­dows, Linux, Mac plat­forms with sev­er­al new fea­tures, more user secur­ity and enhanced sta­bil­ity. This release comes with Javas­cript engine 50% faster than 10.50 ver­sion along with advanced Web stand­ards such as HTML5 and WebM video is now included. Opera 10.60 also adds built-in AVG mal­ware protection.

The 10.60 comes with the fol­low­ing new features.
  • Geo­loca­tion (you have to vis­it http://​www​.opera​.com/​p​o​r​t​a​l​/​geo location)
  • Web Work­ers
  • Sup­port for off­line Applications.
  • WebM sup­port for HTML5 video
  • Bing added as an option for the integ­rated search box
  • Search sug­ges­tions


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