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Mozilla Firefox

What’s new in Firefox 19.0

Mozil­la pushed the next ver­sion of Fire­fox 19.0 to release chan­nel. Fire­fox 19.0 came with start­up improve­ments, It is not yet avail­able …

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox 15.0 is here

Mozil­la pushed Fire­fox 15.0 into release chan­nel. It is focus­ing on silent back­ground update, SPDY pro­to­col, add-on mem­o­ry opti­miza­tions and more… Gouri …

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox 7 is available

Mozil­la is ready­ing upcom­ing Fire­fox ver­sion 7.0, Eager to use it then Fire­fox 7.0 can be down­loaded from their FTP serv­er. Fire­fox …

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox 4.0 is available

Mozil­la releas­ing its long await­ing ver­sion 4.0 of Fire­fox brows­er. Eager to use the new Fire­fox 4 then you can get it …