ASUS Released 8‑core, 12-core AMD Opteron supported G34 Board

Asus KGPE-D16 Motherbaord

Asus has already released its first Magny-Cours-ready mother­board which sup­ports new 8- and 12-core Opter­on 6100 pro­cessors. The mother­board fea­tur­ing the AMD G34 sock­et with an AMD SR5690/SP5100 chip­set as well as the board has eight (4‑channel) DDR3 memory slots per CPU, ASUS unique PIKE upgrade kit, and ASUS ASMB4-iKVM mod­ule for remote man­age­ment. total 6 PCI/PCI‑X/PCI‑E slots, 14 SATA ports, three Eth­er­net con­nect­ors, and a D‑Sub output.

ASUS Serv­er Busi­ness Unit said, “The KGPE-D16 ser­ver­board sup­ports extreme per­form­ance typ­ic­al in enter­prises or insti­tu­tions with high-per­form­ance com­put­ing demands or web-facing serv­ers which reach crit­ic­al pro­cessing levels when inter­net traffic surges. So we are pleased that the AMD Opter­on 6100 pro­cessor and AMD Serv­er Chip­set com­bin­a­tion provides the muscle to handle these situations.”
Read more details about the board here
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