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Fedora 21

Remove Old Kernels on Fedora

A quick tip to remove old ker­nels from fedora and also lim­it how many ker­nels you want to keep. The main reason …


How to get new Google bar

You are inter­ested in get­ting new Google bar. Here is a tweak which works with chrome, Fire­fox, safari and Inter­net Explorer 8+. …

Googel Chrome

Google Chrome Offline Installer (Windows)

Some­times we have to install Google chrome on a com­puter which does­n’t have net­work, But the stand­ard installer avail­able at http://​www​.google​.com/​c​h​r​ome is …


Create portable apps easily

Do you ever thought to cre­ate your own port­able apps, Here is a pro­gram came across to cre­ate the port­able apps easily …