Gigabyte’s Fashion Gadget,The GM-M7800S Wireless Mouse

GIGA­BYTE has announced a Mouse that comes with Swarovski crys­tals and two-tone-stitched leath­er. The GM-M7800S plated in 18K gold and is built of high qual­ity leather.This mouse is equipped with a nano 2.4GHz wire­less receiv­er offers max­im­um data trans­fer rates of 2Mbps, sup­ports 10-meter trans­mis­sion, and reduces on power consumption.

It’s laser track­er is cap­able of func­tion­ing at 1,600 or 800 DPI res­ult­ing in high pre­ci­sion. Giga­byte says that only 10,000 pieces were built. so riches grab one before it slips out.



  • Advanced laser track­ing, excel­lent respons­ive­ness and precision
  • 1600 & 800 DPI adjustable resolution
  • Use­ful tilt wheel
  • Ultra port­able nano receiver
  • Adapt­ing reli­able 2.4GHz wire­less technology
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