Microsoft’s Midori — a future without Windows

Cloud Computing

July 29th, 2008. Accord­ing to the report to SDTimes, The Microsoft is work­ing on non win­dows oper­at­ing sys­tem knows as Midori. Accord­ing to the report to SDTimes, Midori is an off­shoot of Microsoft Research?s Sin­gu­lar­i­ty oper­at­ing sys­tem, the tools and libraries of which are com­plete­ly man­aged code. Midori is designed to run direct­ly on native hard­ware (x86, x64 and ARM), be host­ed on the Win­dows Hyper‑V hyper­vi­sor, or even be host­ed by a Win­dows process.

That sounds pos­si­ble I’ve heard rumors to the effect that he [Rud­der] had an OS project in place,” said Rob Helm, direc­tor of research at Direc­tions on Microsoft.

The researchers are work­ing to cre­ate a con­cur­rent / par­al­lel dis­tri­b­u­tion of resources — Cloud Com­put­ing, as well as a method of han­dling appli­ca­tions across sep­a­rate machines? reli­gious­ly-dubbed the Asyn­chro­nous Promise Archi­tec­ture which will set the stage for a back­wards-com­pat­i­ble oper­at­ing sys­tem built from the ground up, with net­works of vary­ing size in mind. Says the SD Times, “The Midori doc­u­ments fore­see appli­ca­tions run­ning across a mul­ti­tude of topolo­gies, rang­ing from client-serv­er and mul­ti-tier deploy­ments to peer-to-peer at the edge, and in the cloud data cen­ter. Those topolo­gies form a het­ero­ge­neous mesh where capa­bil­i­ties can exist at sep­a­rate places.” Like it tech­ni­cal? Read more look at Microsoft­’s future with Midori.