Calpella – New Intel’s Nehalem-based laptop platform

Intel ® recently released the mobile plat­form Centrio2 and head­ing towards nehalem based laptop plat­form named as “Calpella”. Calpella to sup­port WiMAX in addi­tion to b/​g/​n WiFi. As with oth­er Nehalem gen­er­a­tion products, Capella will also rearrange the com­pon­ents like aban­don the cur­rent north­bridge and memory con­trol is mov­ing into the CPU pack­age. A single integ­rated chip­set code­named Ibex Peak‑M…

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Hitachi shows perpendicular recording density to 610Gb / square inch is possible

Per­pen­dic­u­lar record­ing (or Per­pen­dic­u­lar Mag­net­ic Record­ing, PMR) is a recently imple­men­ted tech­no­logy for data record­ing on hard disk “The main chal­lenge in design­ing mag­net­ic inform­a­tion stor­age media is to retain the mag­net­iz­a­tion of the medi­um des­pite thermal fluc­tu­ations caused by the super­para­mag­net­ic lim­it. If the thermal energy is too high, there may be enough energy to reverse the mag­net­iz­a­tion in a…

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Microsoft’s Midori — a future without Windows

July 29th, 2008. Accord­ing to the report to SDTimes, The Microsoft is work­ing on non win­dows oper­at­ing sys­tem knows as Midori. Accord­ing to the report to SDTimes, Midori is an off­shoot of Microsoft Research?s Sin­gu­lar­ity oper­at­ing sys­tem, the tools and lib­rar­ies of which are com­pletely man­aged code. Midori is designed to run dir­ectly on nat­ive hard­ware (x86, x64 and ARM),…

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KDE 4.1 Released

Today i.e; 29th, July 2008, The KDE com­munity released the KDE 4.1.0. This is second release in KDE 4 series. It has so may improve­ments over Pre­vi­ous release or KDE 4.0 like integ­ra­tion of the Per­son­al Inform­a­tion Man­age­ment suite with KMail, KOr­gan­iser, Akreg­at­or, the RSS feed read­er, KNode, the news­group read­er and many more com­pon­ents integ­rated into the Kontact shell.…

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Social Responsibility


Aash­ritha ‑Help­ing Hands Com­munity is a non profit organ­iz­a­tion which is star­ted by a group of friends from dif­fer­ent under — gradu­ate and gradu­ate schools joined and formed a team to work towards improve­ment of child edu­ca­tion in rur­al areas of India. We wanted to provide edu­ca­tion to chil­dren who did­n’t get the care from their par­ents. We at Aash­ritha define our…

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Tech­no­logy, It become an essen­tial part in our day to day life. Can you ima­gine how it will be without using com­puter for a day or com­puter without inter­net or even can you live without using a cell­phone. No you don’t want to be ima­gine right, So that is the impact of tech­no­logy in our lives. As you can see we…

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