Calpella – New Intel’s Nehalem-based laptop platform


Intel ® recently released the mobile plat­form Centrio2 and head­ing towards nehalem based laptop plat­form named as “Calpella”. Calpella to sup­port WiMAX in addi­tion to b/​g/​n WiFi. As with oth­er Nehalem gen­er­a­tion products, Capella will also rearrange the com­pon­ents like aban­don the cur­rent north­bridge and memory con­trol is mov­ing into the CPU pack­age. A single integ­rated chip­set code­named Ibex Peak‑M will provide oth­er fea­tures on the mother­board, accord­ing to sources at note­book makers.

Calpella sup­ports Intel’s next-gen­er­a­tion note­book CPUs (Clarks­field and Auburndale), both of which include an on-die DDR3 memory con­trol­ler. Auburndale, In addi­tion to on-die memory will also have a graph­ics core integ­rated in the CPU package.

These are expect to be hit mar­ket in 3rd quarter of 2009. as source said.

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