Calpella – New Intel’s Nehalem-based laptop platform


Intel (R) recently released the mobile platform Centrio2 and heading towards nehalem based laptop platform named as “Calpella”. Calpella to support WiMAX in addition to b/g/n WiFi. As with other Nehalem generation products, Capella will also rearrange the components like abandon the current northbridge and memory control is moving into the CPU package. A single integrated chipset codenamed Ibex Peak-M will provide other features on the motherboard, according to sources at notebook makers.

Calpella supports Intel’s next-generation notebook CPUs (Clarksfield and Auburndale), both of which include an on-die DDR3 memory controller. Auburndale, In addition to on-die memory will also have a graphics core integrated in the CPU package.

These are expect to be hit market in 3rd quarter of 2009. as source said.

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