DropIt: Sort your Files with a drop

By | February 3, 2011

Gen­er­ally we down­load all files to a folder or to desktop and the desktop becomes cluttered with lot of dif­fer­ent down­loads. This is where Dro­pIt comes in handy to clean up and sort files. Dro­pIt is simple free util­ity to quickly sort the files and folders with simple user defined rules/​patterns. Just needs to be drag and dropped on to the Dro­pIt Icon then it will be moved or copied accord­ing to the rules defined. 

Drop It Options

Drop It Options

DropIt Options

Dro­pIt Options

DropIt screenshot

Drag and Drop

The drop pat­terns can defined by right click­ing on icon and select­ing pat­tern. just drag and drop on to the icon it will do the rest.

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