PDF-XChange Viewer: a Free PDF Reader with Extended/​Markup Capabilities

PDF-XChange View­er is a free Adobe PDF read­er altern­at­ive for Win­dows, which is smal­ler, faster and fea­ture rich PDF view­er. PDF-XChange View­er includes extended/​markup cap­ab­il­it­ies, such as high­light­ing, cal­louts, typ­ing, notes and more. It sup­ports sav­ing of filled PDF forms and import/​export of form data in FDF/XFDF format.

PDF-XChange Viewer markup
PDF-XChange View­er markup
PDF-XChange Viewer options
PDF-XChange View­er options

Some of the fea­tures includes

  • Add Com­ments and Annota­tions to any PDF file.
  • Add & apply Cus­tom Stamps from any Image or PDF File and even your Win­dows Clip board.
  • Meas­ure­ment Tools incl. peri­met­er and area.
  • Mark-up pages with text and objects.
  • Export PDF pages or entire files to any one of the sup­por­ted Image formats includ­ing BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG and many more …
  • Extract text from a PDF page/​File.
  • Fill and Save Adobe Forms to disk, email or ‘post’ — includ­ing XFA and dynam­ic forms.
  • Store/​Restore of last opened files (last session).
  • Auto-High­lights Fil­lable Form Fields.
  • Includes com­pre­hens­ive Help file and PDF Manu­al — no extra down­loads required to add fea­tures etc.
  • Send PDF files via email from viewer.
  • Port­able ver­sion also avail­able — can be run from any suit­able device such as a Memory stick/​CD/​DVD etc — simply unzip and use — no install­a­tion required.
  • Com­pat­ible with Win­dows 2000 and later (32÷64 bit).
  • Ruler, Snap To Grid and Guidelines.

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