Asus P6T Deluxe: Asus showed the first board with X58 chipset

ASUSThe high-end P6T Deluxe is shown by Asus that it will be the first X58 mother­board in the mar­ket. It is con­firmed by asus to announce X58 mother­board with SLI sup­port very soon, not P6T Deluxe, ROG mother­board perhaps.

This Mon­ster P6T Deluxe comes with 1366 Sock­et, 16 phase power with 2 phases alloc­ated only for memory con­trol­ler in CPU, two groups of triple chan­nal DDR3 slots count­ing for 6 memory slots. It also fea­tures three PCIe X16 slot sup­port­ing 3‑way Cross­fire. But without a nF200 chip, it won?t sup­port SLI yet. Also board comes with two SAS (SCSI suc­cessor with SATA tech­no­logy) as well as one IDE, one eSATA, Gig­abits Eth­er­net Lan and 7.1‑ch audio and exclus­ive OC options in BIOS.

Asus P6T Deluxe

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