Madriva 2009 Released


Man­driva 2009 has been released on 9th,October 2008. The Man­driva 2009 comes with redesigned installer and new KDE 4.1? as default desktop. The 2009 ver­sion includes ker­nel 2.6.27, X.Org 7.3, GNOME 2.24, KDE 4.1.2 (and 3.5.10 in / con­trib), Moz­illa Fire­fox 3 and Open Office 3.0.? More details can be found at? Release Notes.

As usasl this release also con­tains the 3 Editions

the One is an install­able live CD integ­rated with latest pro­pri­et­ary drivers and also avail­able free of charge

the Power­pack will include sup­port, ser­vices, a wider range of pack­ages, and many third-party pro­pri­et­ary applic­a­tions such as (but not neces­sar­ily includ­ing) LinD­VD, Scil­ab and 03 Spaces.

the Free will be a pure free / open source soft­ware edi­tion, without any of the non-free pack­ages bundled with oth­er edi­tions, avail­able for free download.

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