Google Drive is Official: 5GB Free Storage

Google Unveiled Google dri­ve today. It came with 5GB free stor­age and linked to Google Account. Google Dri­ve inte­grat­ed into Google+ and Docs.

Google Drive

Google Dri­ve will sup­port 30 file for­mats includ­ing Adobe’s Illus­tra­tor and Pho­to­shop files in the brows­er in addi­tion to HD video stream­ing, PDFs etc. Ini­tial­ly 5GB free and can be upgrad­ed to 25GB at $2.49 / Month and 100GB at $4.99 / Month and upgrad­able upto 16TB.

Google Drive Interface

The Web ver­sion sup­ports Key­board short­cuts like Gmail.

Google Drive Keyboard Shortcuts

While the Desk­top ver­sion of Google Dri­ve is 1.0.2891.6813 can be installed from web ver­sion of Google Drive.
Google Drive System Tray IconGoogle Drive System Tray Menu

Google Dri­ve can be accessed at dri​ve​.google​.com