Hitachi and Partners Developed 3.9Tbit per Square Inch HDD Technology

In col­lab­or­a­tion with the New Energy and Indus­tri­al Tech­no­logy Devel­op­ment Organ­iz­a­tion (NEDO), Hita­chi developed a new hard disk drive tech­no­logy for stor­ing data at a dens­ity of 3.9 Tbit per square inch. The new Tech­no­logy will increase the cur­rent capa­city by 8‑fold by mak­ing it avail­able 24TB in 3.5 drives and 8TB in 2.5 drives.

The new tech­no­logy mag­net­ized bits that laid on the plat­ters are in size of 10 nm. The research­ers have developed an ultra-high dens­ity patern­ing tech­no­logy based on a self-arranged phe­nomen­on of poly­mer materials. 

Source: CDRInfo

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