Opera 11 goes to Beta, includes tab stacking

Opera 11 goes to beta is avail­able to down­load, The next major ver­sion of Opera came with many new fea­tures, Which includes tab stack­ing, lets you drag one tab over anoth­er to cre­ate a group. Now, you can keep dozens of web­pages open, orga­nized and under con­trol, Exten­sions which gives you more func­tion­al­i­ty. Cur­rent­ly the Opera 11 exten­tion labs con­tains 131 and grow­ing.

The tab stack­ing can be see in the video

Opera 11 has per­for­mance enhance­ments, more HTML 5 sup­port, Enhanced email in your brows­er and least but not the last, faster instal­la­tion, the Opera 11 is 30% less in size with 10.60.

The Opera 11 beta 1 is avail­able for Win­dows, Mac OS and Lin­ux.