Adobe Flash Player 11 and AIR 3 scheduled to release on early October

Adobe has announced that lat­est Flash Play­er 11 and AIR 3 will arrive ear­ly Octo­ber and bring loads of new fea­tures for cross-plat­form brows­er based view­ing of rich Inter­net appli­ca­tions, con­tent and videos across devices. Some of the fea­tures such as Stage 3D and 64-bit sup­port have been moved into this release.

Key fea­tures of Adobe Flash Play­er 11 and Air 3 includes

  • Stage 3D Accel­er­at­ed Graph­ics Ren­der­ing to Deliv­er cut­ting edge 2D and 3D expe­ri­ences on the desktop.
  • Native sup­port for 64-bit oper­at­ing sys­tems and browsers on Lin­ux, Mac OS, and Windows.
  • G.711 audio com­pres­sion for tele­pho­ny to inte­grate real-time voice and tele­pho­ny capa­bil­i­ties into busi­ness apps and inte­grate with exist­ing phone sys­tems using the G.711 codec.
  • H.264/AVC SW Encod­ing to cre­ate apps that encode high­er qual­i­ty video using the H.264 video standard.
  • Sock­et Progress Events to improve man­age­ment of data trans­fer, track progress and pro­vide respon­sive feed­back in apps send large amounts of data.
  • JPEG-XR sup­port to deliv­er high­er qual­i­ty images with less band­width, and lever­age lossy and loss­less com­pres­sion with alpha chan­nel transparency.
  • Cap­tive Run­time Sup­port (AIR for desk­top and Android) fea­ture for iOS is now avail­able for the desk­top and Android device. Devel­op­ers now have more con­trol over the use expe­ri­ence, sim­pli­fies the app instal­la­tion process on Win­dows, Mac and Android. Deploy AIR appli­ca­tion in tam­per proof /​hardened oper­at­ing envi­ron­ments (e.g. med­ical diag­nos­tic equip­ment, gov­ern­ment, military).
  • iOS Back­ground Audio Play­back Sup­port to write mul­ti­task­ing iOS appli­ca­tions that can play audio while in the back­ground includ­ing music or voice chat from a con­fer­enc­ing application.
  • Android Licens­ing Ser­vice Sup­port for devel­op­ers to access the Android Mar­ket Licens­ing Ser­vice which lets pub­lish­ers enforce licens­ing poli­cies for paid appli­ca­tions that they pub­lish through Android Market.
  • Android Front-fac­ing Cam­era Sup­port avail­able with AIR for iOS and Black­Ber­ry Tablet OS is now also avail­able on Android devices. Take advan­tage of the front-fac­ing cam­era to con­nect users with rich video con­fer­enc­ing and chat experiences.
  • Encrypt­ed Local Stor­age for Mobile devices. Allows appli­ca­tions to more secure­ly store sen­si­tive data on a user’s device for stor­age of sen­si­tive data such as pass­words, cer­tifi­cates, and audit­ing information