What’s new in Firefox 19.0

Moz­illa pushed the next ver­sion of Fire­fox 19.0 to release chan­nel. Fire­fox 19.0 came with star­tup improve­ments, It is not yet avail­able on Moz­illa web­site but avail­able on Moz­illa FTP servers.

Mozilla Firefox 19.0

As per the beta web page release notes, The fire­fox 19.0 has new built-in PDF read­er, Fire­fox 19.0 is also fea­tures speed improve­ment and improve­ments for developers. Whenev­er the user opens a pdf doc­u­ment in the browser, it will be opened dir­ectly in its built-in read­er. How­ever the user will get options to change to oth­er reader.

What’s New

  • Built-in PDF viewer
  • Star­tup per­form­ance improvements
  • For Developers, Debug­ger now sup­ports paus­ing on excep­tions and hid­ing non-enu­mer­able properties
  • Remote Web Con­sole is avail­able for con­nect­ing to Fire­fox on Android or Fire­fox OS (exper­i­ment­al, set devtools.debugger.remote-enabled to true)
  • There is now a Browser Debug­ger avail­able for add-on and browser developers (exper­i­ment­al, set to true)
  • Web Con­sole CSS links now open in the Style Editor
  • CSS @page is now supported
  • CSS view­port-per­cent­age length units imple­men­ted (vh, vw, vmin and vmax)
  • CSS text-trans­form now sup­ports full-width

Down­load Fire­fox on Moz­illa FTP Server.

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