Digsby: A Social IM Client

Digsby is multi-pro­tocol instant mes­saging (Multi-IM) applic­a­tion developed by dot­Syn­tax, LLC​.IM. Digsby is email and Social net­works in one easy to use applic­a­tion. Digsby sup­ports all the pop­u­lar pub­lic instant mes­saging net­works as well as e‑mail noti­fic­a­tions via POP, IMAP and web­mail — includ­ing the abil­ity to mark mes­sages as read, as spam or delete them from the cli­ent itself.

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  • Sup­ports mul­tiple Instant Mes­saging Net­works: Digsby sup­ports all major IM net­works as well as it also includes Face­book chat, Myspace IM and twit­ter timeline too.

Digsby sup­ports: Google Talk, Win­dows live Mes­sen­ger, Yahoo Mes­sen­ger, Face­book Chat, AIM, MySpace IM, ICQ chat, Jab­bar chat.

  • Email Noti­fic­a­tions: Digsby also sup­ports email noti­fic­a­tions and it sup­ports fea­tures like mark mes­sages as read, as spam or delete them from the cli­ent itself.

Digsby sup­ports: GMail, Win­dows live Mail, Hot­mail, Yahoo Mail,AOL Mail, POP and IMAP mails accounts.

  • Social Net­work­ing: Along with the IM and mails, Digsby also has social net­work­ing cap­ab­il­it­ies which makes it to standout in the crowd.

Digsby Sup­ports: Face­book chat and Face­book News feed, Twit­ter timeline, MySpace activ­ity stream and Linked­in Net­work updates

  • Log­ging cap­ab­il­it­ies: Along with the chat cap­ab­il­it­ies it also sup­ports log­ging. It makes it easi­er to check back chat history.
  • Cus­tom­iz­able: Dis­gby is clear and eas­ily cus­tom­iz­able like group­ing of the con­tacts like by name, by cli­ent or by status. The chat win­dow also has dif­fer­ent themes to fit the user needs.
  • Oth­er: Full syn­chron­iz­a­tion of cli­ents between com­puters. You don’t have to re cus­tom­ize the accounts or the look.
    Digsby wid­get can be place on blog, web­site, or social net­work pro­file to chat dir­ectly with the users.


I won’t say these are set­backs but points to be noted

Skype is not yet included. It is not a set­back but if it includes skype it will be com­plete IM and Social solution.

The chat win­dow shows a small ad, It won’t dis­turb the user and if user feels it is annoy­ing then can be set off from the pref­er­ence win­dow. But I left it there because it sup­ports digsby to cov­er their expenses. A small token of thanks to their work.


Finally the Digsby is fully recom­men­ded Multi-IM cli­ent. Down­load it at Digsby

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