Mozilla Firefox 15.0 is here

Mozil­la pushed Fire­fox 15.0 into release chan­nel. It is focus­ing on silent back­ground update, SPDY pro­to­col, add-on mem­o­ry opti­miza­tions and more…

Firefox 15.0

What’s New

  • Fire­fox 15.0 focus­es on silent, back­ground updates
  • Opti­mized mem­o­ry usage for add-ons
  • SPDY net­work­ing pro­to­col v3 support
  • WebGL enhance­ments, includ­ing com­pressed tex­tures for bet­ter performance
  • New lay­out view added to Inspector
  • JavaScript debug­ger inte­grat­ed into devel­op­er tools
  • Native sup­port for the Opus audio codec added
  • New respon­sive design tool allows web devel­op­ers to switch between desk­top and mobile views of sites

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