Opera 11 coming soon with extension support

Opera next browser ver­sion 11 is com­ing soon with exten­sion sup­port just like oth­er browsers chrome exten­sion and fire­fox add-ons. Developers can write exten­sions to extent the func­tion­al­ity using open stand­ards (HTML5, CSS, JavaS­cript) and sup­por­ted APIs. The exten­sions are based on W3c Wid­get spe­cific­a­tions.In the first release of Opera Exten­sions focus­ing on open web stand­ards. The alpha release sup­ports inject­able JavaS­cript, cal­louts, cer­tain UI items and a basic Tabs and Win­dows API.

Source : Opera 11 will have Extensions

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