What is new in Firefox 14.0.1?

Moz­illa Fire­fox 14.0.1 is ready to be released, Moz­illa site is not yet updated but it is avail­able on Moz­illa FTP servers.

Mozilla Firefox 14.0.1

What is New?

  • The inbuilt google search uses HTTPS now.
  • Plu­gins can be con­figured to load only on click.
  • Full Screen Fea­ture is imple­men­ted for MAC OS.
  • The new Awe­some Bar auto-com­pletes typed URLs.
  • Point­er Lock API is implemented
  • Improved site iden­tity man­ager, to pre­vent spoof­ing of an SSL con­nec­tion with favicons


Win­dows, Mac and Linux (x86, x86_​64)

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