Windows 7 Beta Download Deadline Extended

Microsoft Corp. extend­ed the down­load dead­line of the win­dows 7 beta. First­ly the Microsoft had lim­it­ed the down­loads of Win­dows 7 beta at 2.5 mil­lion. The com­pa­ny’s servers were over­loaded as users tried to down­load the pre­view, Microsoft removed the lim­it and said it would offer the beta through Jan. 24. But again the Microsoft changed its mind.

Because enthu­si­asm con­tin­ues to be so high for the Win­dows 7 Beta and we don’t want any­one to miss out we will keep the Beta down­loads open through Feb­ru­ary 10th. Cus­tomers who have start­ed but not com­plet­ed the down­load process? will be able to do so through Feb­ru­ary 12th.” as told by spokes per­son Bran­don LeBlanc in win­dow­blog.

As per Bran­don, The shut­down of gen­er­al avail­abil­i­ty for the Win­dows 7 Beta will occur in 3 phas­es over the course of the next few weeks:
  • Start­ing Jan­u­ary 27th, the Win­dows 7 page will be updat­ed with a warn­ing that time is run­ning out on down­load­ing the Win­dows 7 Beta and that we will be lim­it­ing down­loads short­ly. Peo­ple will be encour­aged to reg­is­ter and start the down­load of the Win­dows 7 Beta soon­er rather than lat­er.
  • Feb­ru­ary 10th, new down­loads of the Win­dows 7 Beta will no longer be avail­able. Peo­ple who have already start­ed their Win­dows 7 Beta down­load and have not yet fin­ished will still be able to fin­ish their down­load and are encour­aged to do so.
  • Feb­ru­ary 12th, peo­ple will no longer be able to com­plete their down­load of the Win­dows 7 Beta. Any­one who has­n’t fin­ished down­load­ing the Win­dows 7 Beta will be unable to do so.

MSDN and Tech­Net Sub­scribers will con­tin­ue to have access to the Win­dows 7 Beta bits through­out the Win­dows 7 Beta phase. The above dates do not apply to MSDN and Tech­Net Sub­scribers.

So grab your copy if you did­n’t grabbed it till now the grab it here