CCleaner 3.0 coming with 64-bit support

Pir­i­form updat­ed its flag­ship main­te­nance tool for win­dows, CClean­er to 3.0 with many added fea­tures like 64-bit native EXE, Improved HTML5 Data­base Stor­age, New Dri­ve Wiper tool, with improved sup­port for IE and Google Chrome. In addi­tion to the new fea­tures, it’s also added sup­port for a few pop­u­lar appli­ca­tions, like AVG Antivirus, Audac­i­ty, Log­MeIn Hamachi, Bit­Tor­rent, and others. 

You can also get the pri­or­i­ty sup­port for CClean­er for $24.95. It is also added Intel­li­gent cook­ie scan that decides which cook­ies you prob­a­bly want to keep (sign­ing out sites like Google, Yahoo, and oth­ers) so It won’t erase use­ful infor­ma­tion on your machine while eras­ing browsers his­to­ry and cookies.

CCleaner Intellegent Cookie Scan
Here is the full change list changes for 3.0:

  • New 64-bit native EXE designed specif­i­cal­ly for 64-bit systems.
  • New Dri­ve Wiper tool screen under the Tools section
  • Improved sup­port for IE 9 and the Google Chrome browsers.
  • Clean­ing sup­port for HTML5 data­base storage
  • Addi­tion­al clean­ing sup­port for Microsoft Sil­verlight Iso­lat­ed Storage.
  • Added New envi­ron­ment vari­ables (%Sys­temDi­rec­to­ry%, %SystemDirectory32%, and %SystemDirectory64%).
  • New appli­ca­tion icon.
  • New Intel­li­gent cook­ie keep­ing feature.
  • and more…

You can down­load CClean­er 3.0 now at www​.pir​i​form​.com/​c​c​l​e​a​ner