Opera 12.12 Final is Released, Came with Stability Improvements

Opera released a new stable ver­sion of Opera 12.12. Opera 12.12 is a recom­men­ded upgrade offer­ing secur­ity and sta­bil­ity enhancements.

The improve­ments include, the Delete Private Data dia­log has an option “Delete set­tings and data for all exten­sions”, The developers in addi­tion have made sev­er­al gen­er­al sta­bil­ity improve­ments and fixes in the new ver­sion that they did not men­tion them individually.

Opera New Delete Private Data Dialog

The men­tioned secur­ity improve­ments include, Fixed an issue where mal­formed GIF images could allow exe­cu­tion of arbit­rary code, Fixed an issue where repeated attempts to access a tar­get site could trig­ger address field spoofing.

You can obtain Opera 12.12 on Offi­cial Opera Web­site.
You can access changelog here

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